Alexander Ivanov


Why you should hire me

  • Released projects

    Experience: I worked on big projects, completed complex tasks

  • Design on the edge of surrealism and impressionism

    Ingenuity: I successfully implemented even UI which was designed on the edge of surrealism and impressionism

  • Captain Frontend

    Reliability: I carry out all tasks, I do not give unrealistic promises


  1. 2018


    Cindicator, ltd

    Company profile:Fintech company


    Number of staff:60-70

    Work period:may 2018now

    Position:Senior frontend developer

  2. 2014



    Company profile:Enterprise software manufacturer


    Number of staff:1000+

    Work period:February 2014may 2018

    Position:Senior UI developer

  3. 2013


    Company profile:Startup, crypto-currency stock platform


    Number of staff:8

    Work period:November 2013February 2014

    Position:Frontend developer

  4. 2012


    Legion, ltd

    Company profile:Web design studio


    Number of staff:14 - 35

    Work period:January 2012November 2013

    Position:Frontend developer


  • Javascript ES2015+ syntax with Babel. Also, I'd worked a bit with TypeScript and I'd like to continue
  • ReactJS my favorite library for web interfaces development
  • Mobx + Mobx State Tree for application state management
  • CSS-in-JS with Styled Components / Emotion libraries
  • HTML & CSS (Less) for making web interfaces of any complexity. With responsive design or without, with flexible or float layouts
  • BEM block, element, modifier. Methodology for HTML and CSS, make easier to keep safe layout at a big project
  • AngularJS a framework I used in my job from 2014 to 2018. I can tell why it’s a bad decision to develop complex UI with it
  • GIT gitflow and code review, with the Atlassian Bitbucket / Gitlab
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator for design implementation and icon drawing. Or just Zeplin
JavaScriptReact JsMobXMobX state treeStyled ComponentsEmotionHTMLCSSLESSBEMAngular JsGITAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator
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